Areas of Expertise

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Data Solutions

Eventus has an extensive knowledge of data and data capabilities, cultivated over years of working with and developing data strategies, resources and platforms.

Data Strategy Development

We can develop best practices for leveraging existing data resources or find new resources to meet an organization’s analytical needs. We can provide recommendations on how to manage these resources and extract additional value from them. We have experience with every category of data available, offline and online.

Data Capabilities

We work with clients to develop capabilities to ingest, collate, standardize, enhance and prioritize data from several sources for lead generations, marketing scorecards, prospecting, and customer relationship management (CRM). We’re proficient with an extensive number of platforms to manage and analyze data resources, including RDBMS, Hadoop, Teradata, GCP and AWS Services.

Data Organization and Management

We can perform vast data collection efforts spanning multiple channels, coordinating among multiple data vendors and business units, across repositories of conventional, transactional and unstructured data. We mine, vet, validate and QC the information to identify useful variables and create processes to parse, aggregate and standardize these data to provide maximum value.

Analytic Insights


Whether it’s a simple management report or complex visualizations or presentations, we have the experience to organize information and present it to users in a clear and impactful manner. We can help clients design and analyze customer survey results and the drivers of satisfaction scores, or develop segmentations and strategic analytics to identify, understand and target high-value partners, customers, and prospects across consumer and commercial products and services.

Campaign Support

We setup and design experiments, leveraging proven “Test & Learn” techniques and statistical rigor to ensure the campaigns produce measurable and meaningful learning. We can perform back-end analysis, providing clients with a clear understanding of performance and impact, as well as insights and recommendations on future opportunities. We also provide tactical “ground-level” assistance in getting campaigns into market, such as creating and implementing targeting, eligibility or exclusion criteria.

Analytic Tools

Eventus has created a variety of analytic services and tools, leveraging advanced quantitative models and analytic techniques to create tools and strategies for optimizing investments, driving business strategies and managing risk.

Marketing Investment Optimization

We can help target customers and prospects more effectively within and across marketing channels, traditional and digital, in order to maximize ROI on marketing budgets. Through a suite of analytic tools, including classic and Bayesian statistical models, Media Mix models, channel attribution models, real-time data-driven recommender systems, and proprietary simulation/forecasting tools, we can assist in strategic planning and budget optimization across a client’s US and international markets.

Risk Management

We have a deep knowledge of best practices and tools for risk management analytics, policies and procedures across the full range of customer life-cycle interactions, from acquisitions and underwriting to collections and fraud management, including consumer and commercial applications.

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