Our Team

Karly Heiner Crotty

President & Co-Founder

Karly brings over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the financial services and consulting industries, leveraging her expertise to synthesize cross-functional business needs and customer experience to create impactful strategies and consumer-facing solutions. 

Prior to co-founding Eventus Analytics, she spent 14 years at American Express in the risk and information management division, developing strategic and analytical solutions for credit and fraud risk management, marketing, customer service and information capabilities. She previously worked for Deloitte and Touche, consulting in database solutions and Medicaid fraud detection. Karly holds an MS in Biostatistics from Johns Hopkins University and a BSE in Civil Engineering and Operations Research from Princeton University.

Kevin Hoelscher

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Kevin has over 15 years of experience in a wide range of roles in the data science and analytics field, applying his experience and passion to find data-driven solutions to an array of business applications. 

Prior to co-founding Eventus Analytics, he spent 10 years at American Express in leadership roles ranging from fraud and credit risk to decision sciences, marketing analytics, product development and information management. Kevin completed an MS and BS in Agricultural and Applied Economics in addition to a BBA in General Business Administration at Texas Tech University, where he spent the majority of his non-classroom time working as a research associate in the Agricultural Economics department, developing and publishing pricing models for the Texas-Oklahoma cotton industry.

Henry Yuan

Managing Partner

Henry has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, using his leadership roles to drive results and bring new innovations to the traditional and digital payment frontiers. 

Prior to joining Eventus Analytics, he worked as Head of Cross Boarder Payments at Baidu Financial Services Group. Henry was previously at American Express for 15 years, managing various leadership responsibilities, including risk management, online banking, digital analytics, recommender systems, big data and machine leaning. Henry holds an MA in Economics from Concordia University and a BA in Managerial Economics from Sichuan University.

Greg Bongen

Managing Partner

Greg is a veteran of over 24 years in the marketing analytics world, using his considerable experience to make advancements in campaign targeting and measurement methodologies, with an emphasis on investment optimization and performance for multi-channel marketing strategies. At American Express, he lead the development of the company’s first media mix modeling platform and leveraged cutting edge modeling technologies to develop targeting models across offline, digital and connected TV Channels, as well as establishing and institutionalizing Test & Learn disciplines across the broader marketing analytics groups. Greg holds an MA and PhD ABD in Economics from The New School for Social Research.

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